Healthy Options

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Being food conscious has been important to us from when we first opened Off The Wall coffee shop in 2009. We’re a family run business, with everyone bringing their own talents and skills together to create; food and a place that we believe in.

We like to get to know the people who come through our door and hope that we can provide something for everyone. There is nothing nicer than seeing someone smile when we can make them a meal to suit their needs. Whether that is wheat, gluten and dairy free or just providing a smaller portion of something.

For us it’s not just about low; fats, sugars and drinks. It’s also about good quality natural ingredients, sourcing products from; local providers, free range, organic and fairtrade when ever possible.

We’re proud to have a Food Hygiene rating of 5 as well as a Gold award for Local Healthy Options.

It has been such an honour to have had our love of food at Off The Wall recognised and to be put forward for and receive a ‘Gold’ Local Healthy Options Award.

Winning the award has helped us promote our healthy options, showcasing what we offer. We’ve been able to network and reach like-minded people with others finding us through Discover Carlisle and Food Carlisle on Twitter.